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The Tricks To Selecting Tiles For A Shower With A Frameless Glass Shower Door

For the perfect-looking shower, there's only one way to go. A tiled shower with a frameless glass shower door is elegant. A clear glass door beautifully showcases the shower's tile (as well as any other features). Not just any tile should be paired with a frameless glass shower door, though. If you're in the process of designing a shower, here's how to select tile based on the frameless glass shower door you'll use in order to create a truly complete and beautiful look.

Don't Use Glass Tiles

First and foremost, glass tiles shouldn't be used in conjunction with a frameless glass shower door.

On a technical level, glass tiles aren't suitable for where a frameless glass shower door will connect to the surrounding tile. Glass tiles are prone to cracking. They frequently crack when drilling into them to secure the hardware that's needed for a glass shower door. Even if they don't crack during installation, there's a good chance they will sometime when the door's being opened or closed.

Cracked glass tiles not only need to be replaced, but they can jeopardize the hardware that holds up a frameless glass shower door. In some cases, both glass tiles and glass shower doors break and need to be replaced.

On an aesthetic level, glass tiles should be avoided altogether. Ceramic tiles must be used where a frameless glass shower door meets the wall since glass tiles aren't suitable. Using glass tiles in one part of the shower and ceramic ones in another creates an inconsistent look. Even if the colors match, the materials don't. It's easier to create a polished and comprehensive look by using the same type of tile—ceramic tile—everywhere.

Match Accent Tiles to the Door's Hardware

Although frameless glass shower doors don't have unsightly rubber or metal borders around their edges, they still have hardware that holds them up. Many companies offer striking hardware that looks great, but all hardware has metal components that can be quite noticeable. If they aren't worked into your shower's overall design, the fasteners and hinges on your frameless glass shower door may be distracting. Thankfully, there's an easy way to work your frameless glass shower door's hardware into the shower's design.

Most tile showers include accent tiles, which may be used to create a border, focal point, or pattern. These accent tiles may be different sizes than the other tiles in your shower—and they're almost always different colors.

By choosing accent tiles that are the same color as your shower's hardware, you'll blend your shower door's hardware into the overall design. It'll still be visible, but it'll be less noticeable because other parts of the shower's design are the same color.

Make Sure Your Accent Tiles Are Noticeable

If your frameless glass shower door is partially frosted, you'll want to think carefully about where you place those accent tiles. As an integral part of the shower's design, they should be visible from outside the shower.

Imagine yourself standing in front of the shower door and looking into the shower. Which parts of the shower's tile are visible and which are hidden? Accent tiles should be placed in the visible portion.

Slope Tiles Toward the Shower Drain Slightly

Because frameless glass shower doors don't have a metal or rubber border, it's important to consider how your shower's tile will affect the flow of water. Tiles should be imperceptibly slanted toward the shower drain, so that water hits the walls and door—and then flows down the drain rather than out into your bathroom. Even if they're flat, water can pool and not drain properly.

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