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Do you remember the last time you loved your garden? Working in the yard doesn't come naturally to many people, which is why you might be a little disappointed with how your space looks and feels. However, you don't have to let your outdoor space be overwhelming to you. I wanted to make this blog to help people to not only learn how to garden, but how to make it more enjoyable. This blog is here to give people a better idea of what to expect and how to make things work outdoors. Check it out for great tips that can improve your curb appeal.

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A Look at 4 Common Myths Surrounding Granite Counters

When it comes to natural stone materials, granite seems to be among the most popular. Still, there are some myths and misconceptions surrounding granite counters that cause homeowners to pause before making a decision as to whether or not to purchase them. Below are a few fallacies and their truths that will help you make an informed choice about granite countertops.

Granite Easily Stains

There is no way to avoid spills and splatters in a kitchen, so it makes sense a homeowner would not want a stone that easily stains. Granite, however, is actually very stain resistant. In many cases, the granite doesn't even need to be sealed. Of course, it is still a good idea to clean up any spills as soon as they happen using either a paper towel or dish rag. 

Granite Is Porous & Harbors Bacteria

There is no surface that one cannot install that will keep bacteria away, so that should not stop you from buying granite counters. When it comes to bacteria, proper cleanliness is key. Always wipe down your countertops with either antibacterial dish soap or a disinfecting wipe after making a meal. You'll also want to use cutting boards when handling raw meat. The cutting boards can then be properly washed in the sink without getting any bacteria on your counters. 

Granite Requires a Lot of Maintenance

Since granite is scratch-resistant and not easily stained, it does not require any more maintenance than any other type of countertop. Home cooks will also appreciate that the natural stone is able to withstand heat without any damage, so you can put a hot pot right on it or any other item up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit without worry. All you need to maintain the granite is to keep it clean in between use with a dust or wash rag.  

Granite Contains Radon Gases That Are Harmful to Your Health

Perhaps the biggest myth is that granite is harmful to your health because it contains radon. Radon gases are actually emitted as the natural materials decay over time. The EPA reports that the radon will be diluted by the surrounding air as this happens and that it will not increase radiation above the normal range. In fact, the agency goes on to state that you'll fine more radon in the soil surrounding your home than you will in a piece of granite. So there's absolutely no need to worry about granite having an adverse affect on your health.