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Do you remember the last time you loved your garden? Working in the yard doesn't come naturally to many people, which is why you might be a little disappointed with how your space looks and feels. However, you don't have to let your outdoor space be overwhelming to you. I wanted to make this blog to help people to not only learn how to garden, but how to make it more enjoyable. This blog is here to give people a better idea of what to expect and how to make things work outdoors. Check it out for great tips that can improve your curb appeal.

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Use Japandi To Create A Dining Room With Purpose

In many homes, the dining room can become a catchall for the rest of the home. It may be cluttered and disorganized, or it may be that you reserve using the space for special occasions. The dining room can be among the most used areas of a home if you design it with purpose, functionality, and comfort in mind. Consider some tips that achieve this, leaving you with a dining room that you love to spend time in!  

Japanese minimalist design, combined with Scandinavian style is called 'Japandi', and it is one approach to bringing purpose to your dining room. Japandi focuses on wood surfaces, minimal décor, and less clutter. Everything in the dining room has functions and there is an emphasis on natural elements indoors.  

Bring purpose to your dining room with these Japandi-inspired design ideas: 


Minimalist design theories often utilize neutral color schemes to create a bit of a blank slate. Choose monochrome schemes, like all white or ivory, for a cool, fresh look that invigorates, but offers a simplicity that is quite relaxing. Choose coordinating tones on walls, ceilings, window treatments, and the dining room furniture that you buy. Accent the room with pops of color, but keep them few and rather far between for optimal results.  


Feng Shui principles help create a flow of positive energy through the dining room, or other rooms of the house. While there are some core principles, like not positioning seating with the back toward a door, it may be more important to note the things to avoid when configuring your dining room. This could include limited use of bright colors, optimizing the natural sunlight in the room, and hanging mirrors to reflect the dining room table- all of which are believed to contribute to prosperity in the home.  


Another element of minimalist design is to choose items and furnishings that are sustainable. This may include buying furniture from recyclable materials, like wood, or upcycling furnishings to suit your needs. This is a great time to pull passed-down dishes and crockery out to use, rather than store items indefinitely that only get used occasionally.   


A round dining table as the focus of the room encourages people to sit and engage. It is easier to talk and see everyone at a round-shaped table than it is around a square or rectangular table. Japandi embraces natural wood, so wood tables and chairs- particularly reclaimed or recycled wood- are perfect for the room.  


To create a comfortable dining room, consider lowering furnishings for a more intimate, less formal feel. While you do not have to sit on the floor to eat, you may garner a more relaxed setting by lowering furniture just a few inches.  

Use these tips when shopping for dining room furniture and designing your space. The first step is to declutter and keep natural components in mind when creating a dining room with purpose. This often unused room will soon become your family's favorite area to hang out.

For more information, reach out to a furniture showroom near you.